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List of cleaning services :

  • Power washing - High pressure

  • Low Pressure washing/soft washing

  • Moss removal from : 
    - Roof Slates and Tiles
    - Tarmac drives, Tennis courts
    - Brick and sandstone paving
    - Wooden decking

  • Rain water roof gutters:
    - Gutters vacuumed out
    - Gutter surfaces as seen from ground cleaned
    - Facia and sofit cleaned
    - Gutter leaks repaired

  • Stain removal :
    - Red, green and black staining removed from buildings and walls including painted surfaces without damage to the surface
    - Playground soft surface cleaning

  • Roof slates and concrete tile repairs
    - Cracked slates or tiles replaced

  • Hoist and scaffold used where required


Proof of public liability insurance provided

Customer references provided

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